How Distrilog Group makes sure your consignments always arrive in good order

A modern fleet, multifunctional drivers and clear communication.

Modern fleet

Distrilog Group’s vehicle fleet consists of more than 440 rolling units. To ensure high reliability, we frequently invest in new equipment. Which obviously has a positive impact on fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emission levels.

  • straight lorries (regional mixed cargo transport)
  • manoeuvrable city trailers (regional transport, town and city centres)
  • distribution trailers (Benelux transport)
  • specialist transport (ADR, sensitive goods, etc.)
  • container chassis

Well-trained and motivated drivers
Through their daily deliveries, Distrilog Group’s drivers often have more contacts with your customers than your own sales staff. But you may rest safe in the knowledge that our drivers do a lot more than just drive a lorry. They are well-trained in all job-related aspects, they are fittingly paid, genuinely care about their work and speak the language of the territory where they make their deliveries.

Clear communications
All our vehicles are equipped with GPS and Track & Trace systems. The Customers Service and Planning departments communicate with customers directly and clearly, making sure each customer gets the personal service he deserves. Web-based information systems see to it that all customers have online access to any information about all of their goods. Anywhere, any time.

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