About us

Distrilog is a large group. We prefer long-term relationships over quick profits. And we also prefer to focus on sustainable logistics rather than growth for growth's sake.

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Our mission

Distrilog Group wants to remain among the top firms providing logistics services.

Distrilog focuses on efficiency, sustainable solutions, flexibility, and transparency. Our customers can rely on our integrated logistics services and a tightly-meshed distribution network based on strong, standard formulas, and customisation even when it is outside the company’s regular focus.

Our transparent communication and utilisation of IT allows us to constantly work on improving quality, managing costs, and making operations more efficient. Issues are handled by logistics staff who are trained as key account managers.

Above all, Distrilog Group is a modern family business. Long-term relationships take precedence over the pursuit of quick profits. Sustainable use of all links in the logistics chain takes precedence over growth for growth's sake.

Our values

Distrilog Group is an independent, highly agile and customer-oriented company.

Our employees are the most important factor in this success. Every day, they transform our vision into practice with their proactivity and involvement, along with their flexibility in terms of tasks, time and location.

1991 Establishment of Distrilog
1998 Start of cooperation Calwms
2001 Start of cooperation Brico
2008 Start of cooperation TAS & Transics
2010 Takeover Henkel
2013 Opening depot and crossdock Geel
2015 Takeover Speed-Colli
2015 Start of cooperation JDE
2016 Opening depot Ghent
2016 Takeover Colfridis
2019 Opening expansion depot Ghent
2021 Opening depot Jumet
2022 Opening depot Triton, Willebroek
2023 Takeover De Rocker Logistics
2024 Opening depot Wellen
1992 Start of cooperation GB (Carrefour)
2001 Expansion depot Puurs
2008 Opening depot and crossdock Breendonk 1
2009 Start of cooperation DHB
2012 Opening depot Breendonk
2013 Takeover Cargovil
2015 Opening Depot Breendonk 3 and HQ
2015 Takeover Forlog
2016 Start of cooperation BP
2017 Start of cooperation Nestlé
2019 Launch Distrilog Academy
2022 Opening depot Kontich
2022 Start of cooperation Mars
2024 Start of cooperation AMADRINKS
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Our company profile

Curious about our staff, resources, and certificates?


The establishment of the Distrilog Academy

The Distrilog Academy provides our staff with the opportunity to grow in accordance with their own wishes and needs. Moreover, this is part of a sustainable collaboration.

Contact our team for a collaboration or tailor-made solution

At Distrilog Group, we like to take into account the wishes and needs of the customer. This is why we are happy to help you find the best solution. Curious about the available options? You’re welcome to contact us.