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All oversized goods delivered to your back door

A consignment is easily unloaded or loaded on location, including at the customer’s home, with the help of a transportable or truck-mounted forklift. This small forklift is used, for example, during home deliveries for Coeck concrete factory, specifically for goods of unusual proportions.

A transportable or truck-mounted forklift is a small forklift attached to the back of the lorry and taken along during a delivery. This machine can be used to deliver pallets – e.g. with building material – all the way to the customer’s back door.

The truck-mounted forklift is ideal for loading and unloading goods that do not fit a standard-sized pallet. A delivery with a truck-mounted forklift is also handy for goods which require great care. For example, tiles, paint, building material and a variety of garden furniture. Thanks to these adapted and customised deliveries, customers can soon set to work in their home or garden!


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