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Management traineeship

Might you be our next management trainee?

Apply here with your CV and motivation as a Management Trainee!

A traineeship at Distrilog Group aims to give highly skilled or recent university graduates the opportunity to explore the labour market. The ultimate goal is to provide the trainee with a good overview of the different departments in our company and then for them to move on to a great job with us that best suits their ambitions, skills, and interests.

Our traineeship is unique and limited in number. This approach makes it possible to guarantee optimum guidance and support, create room for individual initiative, and ensure there is sufficient variety in assignments. Although a framework has been defined, Distrilog Group is open to trainees' input on the content of the assignments. We can offer a great deal of freedom and independence by shifting away from predetermined career paths.

As a trainee, you can follow various programmes lasting 6 to 12 months. The programmes have you working at several sites: Willebroek, Londerzeel, Vilvoorde, Olen, and Ghent. All trainees start at our site in Breendonk where they roll up their sleeves and work alongside colleagues in the warehouse for six weeks. The trainee then participates in one of the following three programmes: Supply Chain, Sales, or Transport.

What do we offer?

  • a paid learning experience that takes you behind the scenes of a major Belgian logistics and transport company.
  • the opportunity to take a challenging and exciting journey where you have the freedom to define the road to your career.
  • contribute to the growth of an organisation where sustainability and innovation are highly valued.
  • personal coaching and attention.
  • terrific terms of employment.

Interested in this traineeship?

Apply via traineeship@distrilog.be (regarding Ellen Cloots) with your CV and motivation letter.

Some testimonials of our trainees

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Julie Dierckx

Transport traineeship, 2020-2021

‘When I left school, I didn’t have a specific idea of what I wanted to do. So, I started looking for a traineeship in the world of transport and logistics. The biggest advantage? I’m not tied to a single specific task, but can look around and get a global overview of the operations and various activities in the Distrilog Group!’

Bob trainee

Bob De Beukelaer

Traineeship Supply Chain, 2020-2021
Willebroek (WIB) Assistant site manager

'Distrilog continues to grow and is constantly evolving, which makes for a very dynamic environment with lots of opportunities and challenges. What appeals to me personally is the style of delegation within the company; despite the +1,500 employees, it’s still a real family business and there is a flat company structure. Open communication is therefore central here. The daily cooperation with the transport and shipping department ensures that you continue to learn and meet a lot of new people.'

Traineeship Ruben

Ruben Van Assche

Traineeship Supply Chain, 2015-2016
Londerzeel (W2) site manager/Business Analyst Education

‘I got the bug when I was young because some of my relatives work in logistics. After graduating with my degree in commercial engineering, I wanted to gain practical experience in the workplace. Distrilog Group turned out to be perfect because of the many possibilities, family structure, and short lines of communication.’