Do It Yourself

As a sector with a wide range of products, sales that are strongly influenced by the weather and non-standard delivery points, Distrilog Group knows the do-it-yourself sector like no other.

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The DIY sector is known for its high volumes, longer delivery times from global suppliers, a wide range of products, sales that are strongly influenced by the weather, and non-standard delivery points. These create a logistical challenge for any company. At Distrilog, we are very familiar with the challenges present in this sector.

The whole process starts with an understanding of the unique position in which DIY retailers find themselves. Seasonal products are stocked without knowing exactly when the season will start. The more complex the import, the more one benefits from working with a single partner who manages the process from A to Z. A smooth flow of information avoids surprises in the next step of the supply chain.

Short and ecological

The collection and preparation of the shipment are arranged by our Forwarding Department. Early involvement in the process ensures that the proper pace can be set. This depends on the availability of containers at the loading port, the transit time required, the capacity of the warehouses, and the storage requirements. As soon as the shipping schedule is finalised, Distrilog Group ensures that all documents are in order so that customs formalities can be completed quickly upon arrival in the Benelux. The containers are then transported by barge to inland terminals TCT Willebroek, TTB Brussels, and the Kluizendok in Ghent, which serve as centralised locations for our excisable goods sites. In other words, short, ecological haulage to get your goods available for sale.

Flexibility and optimisation

However, the challenge is far from over once the goods arrive in the Benelux. Thanks to our commitment to DIY, flexibility is in the Distrilog Group DNA. With over 500 employees within a 6-kilometre radius of one of the terminals, we can optimise the workforce and match it to the ‘pull’ of the warehouses. Because we adjust the use of trucks to the volumes, our own fleet is also flexible. This allows us to reduce deliveries by combining different volumes from the warehouse or cross-dock.

We can achieve a smooth supply chain from production to delivery to the shops, with minimum movement in the process and maximum predictability, so we are confident in our expertise and resources to make your supply chain smoother.

Home deliveries

An online order can easily be unloaded or loaded on location, including at the customer’s home, with the help of a transportable or truck-mounted forklift. This small forklift is ideal for loading and unloading goods that do not conform to the standard dimensions of a typical pallet and can also be used for goods that need to be handled with care, such as building materials, tiles, paint, and various garden furniture.

The implementation of a new software system aimed at home deliveries guarantees clear communication to the end customer.

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