How centralised logistics

is helping Tom&Co to expand

Do you have a pet? Then you will have heard of Tom & Co, the undeniable leader in the pet care sector.  Tom & Co opened its first store in 1991, the very same year that Distrilog was founded. These two companies probably never imagined just how closely they would end up working.

Tom & Co was a product of the Delhaize group.  25 years on, Tom & Co already has over 140 stores, spread across Belgium, Luxembourg and France.  The range has also continued to expand under the skilled guidance of veterinary experts. Pet lovers are bound to find all they could ever dream of for their hairy, scaly and feathered friends among the range of over 6,500 articles.
A growing number of stores and increasing numbers of products naturally create some huge logistical challenges.  Tom & Co finds the solution to such challenges at Distrilog. As part of Distrilog, Colfridis has been Tom & Co’s permanent logistical partner in its many logistical puzzles.  Every day Colfridis takes care of preparing orders and distributing the permanent range to the Tom & Co branches.  These logistical activities are implemented to the highest quality levels and this is clearly visible in the Tom & Co shop. 

Not only do goods depart from stock, there is also a cross-docking platform, which utilises a scanning process to take small, fast-moving goods directly from the supplier, adding them smoothly to the deliveries already planned for each Tom & Co store. 

The suppliers are based all over the world, allowing each and every requirement of each and every pet lover to be satisfied. To ensure that these goods flows are managed and organised impeccably, Tom & Co relies on Forlog Forwarding dept, the true transport experts within Distrilog.  Using a real-time communication tool and essential local expertise, Forlog Forwarding delivers the goods into Tom & Co’s warehouse with exactly the right freight documents. The goods are then available, allowing Tom & Co to keep them in stock continuously.

Besides the familiar articles in the Tom & Co store, we also deal in seasonal items, including articles for the year-end period. Distrilog is able to cater for this increase in volume perfectly, thanks to its in-house expertise, market knowledge and in-house resources.

In 2016, Tom & Co chose to head off in its own direction to focus more specifically on improving and expanding its role as market leader. After integration of Colfridis and Forlog under Distrilog, and with our existing strengths in pet-expertise, we are armed and ready to support Tom & Co as they continue their success story over the next 25 years.

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