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Automation Project Distrilog Breendonk


Willebroek, 17 June 2024 - Distrilog is automating part of its Breendonk operations with 20 Automated Guided Vehicles in collaboration with Toyota Material Handling.

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Together with one of its major customers, Distrilog looked at various options to automate its logistics flow in 2021. After a thorough profitability study, an automation project was launched in collaboration with Toyota Material Handling. It involved an Infeed Conveyor, 12 self-driving reach trucks and 8 stackers, also known as AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles). The aim of the project is to have 95% of this customer's entire Full Pallet Flow processed by the AGVs and the Infeed Conveyor.

"We started on it in 2023 with the relocation of the racks. This was also quickly followed by replacing the access points and placing the Infeed Conveyor," says Benjamin Van Ransbeeck, Continuous Improvement Manager at Distrilog. "After this, we still delineated the loading and maintenance zone for the AGVs and placed the buffer racks at the conveyor. Finally, the flow racks were built and the AGVs were delivered. Currently, the 20 AGVs are driving around in our warehouse and we are getting the last teething problems out of the whole process."

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The automation project offers several advantages. Firstly, damage rates will be limited. In addition, these AGVs can work in the dark (they use sensors to make their way around the warehouse) and the heating can be turned off. Furthermore, fewer workers will be needed at night, and this also provides an opportunity to take repetitive tasks away from workers and deploy them on more challenging projects. Finally, the AGVs currently perform 3,000 pallet movements per day and are easily scalable. Distrilog's goal is therefore to expand this project during 2025.

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Distrilog Group is a major logistics and transport player, founded by the Salaerts family. With 30 years of experience, they specialise in warehousing, smart distribution and transport throughout the Benelux with a wide range of additional services. With this new AGV project, Distrilog continues its strategy towards operational efficiency and quality improvement, as well as sustainability.

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