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an expansion of our services within food and retail

As consumers, the following question probably never even crosses our mind while we do our weekly grocery shopping in the local supermarket. But how do all those products actually end up on the supermarket shelves? Actually, it takes a lot of expertise to get the products on there in time while also respecting food safety standards. Especially the frozen products and fresh produce, which includes ready meals, meat and dairy products. Come to think of it, it’s a real challenge but at Distrilog we know how to handle it.

Thanks to the recent takeover of Colfridis, Distrilog has once again expanded its services considerably and is capable of catering for the needs of grocery suppliers and retailers for all products that need to be handled and transported under chilled conditions (-22°C, 0-4°C and ambient temperature). Distrilog boasts an extensive fleet of vehicles, IT systems that allow full traceability of the goods, not to mention the strict food safety quality certification. 

The distribution of chilled groceries requires accurate planning and a cold chain that is guaranteed throughout the journey, right from storage and order picking, down to transporting it to its final destination, the supermarket. In addition, a whole range of value-added services is required to allow labelling, repackaging, the building of displays or the preparation of commercial activities. In addition to deliveries there is also the need to retrieve empty containers and crates.

Meanwhile, the online shopping trend has also become all the rage for these products, meaning that the delivery of individual consumer orders will continue increasing and will require the appropriate distribution solutions.  

Strict temperature control is necessary right from the moment the goods are collected, in order to ensure that subsequent activities in the logistical process can continue in a qualitative manner and in accordance with food safety requirements. It is also essential to manage product sell-by dates effectively, thus ensuring continued product availability and a fresh product in the shops.

The last link in the chain is the intricate distribution network behind goods deliveries to wholesalers or supermarkets. Their use of specific time slots means that an optimised transport plan and dynamic approach is crucial for all the different stores to be supplied. In case we are responsible for stocking the retailer distribution warehouse, we try to consolidate the goods from the various suppliers. Managing this effectively requires complete order transparency from the various suppliers and an alignment of deliveries to the retail distribution warehouse.

You will have noticed that distributing chilled groceries is a complex business. Besides the 100% guarantee of the cold chain throughout the process, increasing time pressure on the deliveries and broad expectations in terms of service, it also takes considerable expertise to guarantee the best quality on a daily basis.   

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