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Orders on behalf of the supplier

Suppliers deliver goods to our hub, Distrilog Group stocks it, and then delivers it to the branches as needed. That is the foundation of the optimisation narrative for on of our clients in retail.

The stock of the suppliers is managed at the Distrilog Group warehouses. Goods destined for the retailer are delivered to us by suppliers in full vehicles. As soon as our client places an order, our pickers get to work on picking the required goods. Full vehicles are delivered to the retailer accompanied by a single packing list.

This work method allows us to optimise the logistics process. Both the retailer and the suppliers also receive daily inbound, stock, and outbound reports so they can closely monitor the entire process and replenish stock as needed. The products delivered by the suppliers for storage at our hub all have an extended shelf life. This involves a combination of food and non-food. For example, alcoholic beverages, nuts, and personal hygiene products.

Suppliers deliver relatively small quantities to each branch that are combined to form a neat whole. This leads to full loads being delivered to the retailer, which simplifies the logistics process and significantly reduces CO2 emissions for these deliveries.

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