Combining standardized production with customized in store packaging?

An easy solution because of in-house value added logistics

It has always been a delicate balance between the need for standardization in production and the wish to directly approach each specific customer segment by adapting in-store marketing.

With consumers coming to expect customization  and you wanting to drive sales; it is only natural to strive for what is basically a one-on-one approach to your target market. The question is of course: how to do so without productions cost going up?

The answer to this questions is exactly why Distrilog Group chose to expand its Value Added Logistics by 2.500m² and 90 co-packing colleagues in the centre of our campus Breendonk.

The expansion increased the space, capabilities and flexibility of the group with a total capacity of 7.500 m²  and more than 240 co-packing colleagues.
Opting for VAL allows you to run standardized production while adapting the base references only at the time the market requires you too. Delaying the customizations has a direct and positive effect on your stock levels without having to forfeit any flexibility.

By insourcing these activities and partnering with social partners,  Distrilog offers the added benefit of a continuous traceability in our WMS, a minimal ecological impact.

In other words a simple logistical solution to an increasingly complicated go-to-market strategy.

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