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Container transport and excisable goods

International goods transport has no secrets for Distrilog Group's team of specialist forwarders. With their expertise in wines and spirits, they handle the import containers involved with all the attention and accuracy they demand.

As internal forwarders, the team offers a wide range of services to third parties and handles a broad range of administrative formalities, such as permits and customs formalities, including complex excise procedures. Excise is a form of indirect tax levied on the sale of certain goods. In Belgium and the Netherlands, excise mainly applies to alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, coffee, tobacco and fuels. In concrete terms, this means the excise goods must be accompanied by an excise accompanying document (EAD — accompanying document for movements of excise goods under suspension of excise duty).

Upon arrival of the goods at Distrilog, we initiate the clearing process by means of an ACC4 document. We have the warehouses and permits required to receive and store excise goods. As an alternative option, the goods may be transported to an external warehouse accompanied by an EAD.

To summarise:

  • Goods are offered accompanied by an EAD document;
  • Our forwarders process the incoming shipment through the excise administration and confirm the EAD drawn up for receipt;
  • Upon departure, an outbound EAD and export document are drawn up based on the details provided.

Given the nature of these products, a certain level of knowledge is required — but fortunately, our internal forwarders are experts in the matter.

Thanks to our AEO certificate for customs simplification and safety, Distrilog Group offers a range of advantages in international trade. For instance, we satisfy various safety criteria, causing fewer delays at the border as part of international trade. Some parties prefer to only work with AEO-certified companies, as they are viewed as reliable and safe trading partners in international goods transport.

Curious to find out what Distrilog Group can do for your international goods transport?

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