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Distrilog Policy Statement April 06 2023

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Policy Statement Distri-Log
April 06 2023
Approved by Luc Van Beurden


This statement reflects the general corporate policies, which aim to respect the environment, products, equipment and the well-being of persons at all times, both inside and outside the company premises. This approach is in line with the principles applied by the entire Distri-Log Group.

Distri-Log is well aware of the fact that the company can only thrive and grow, and continue to safeguard its partners’ interests (this includes clients, employees, suppliers, investors, governments and local residents) by adopting an approach focused on quality, well-being and the environment.

All the Distri-Log employees support this approach, not in the least the management team and trade-union representatives. They have committed to regularly assessing this approach and appropriately tackling any issues identified. In this framework, we use the 'Plan - Do - Check- Act’ philosophy for the continuous improvement of the Distri-Log performance and results in terms of satisfaction, safety and well-being of all parties involved through preventive and corrective measures.

To Distri-Log, quality equals supplying a product or service that meets the international standards and expectations of its clients, at the right price and within the time frame agreed upon.

With respect for the lawful wishes of its partners, Distri-Log aims to manage its processes so as to meet its clients’ wishes in the most affordable manner, with the best results, preventing any material damage.

As for environmental protection, Distri-Log relies on an external environmental coordinator, who ensures the company meets all the legal and other requirements at all times and who reduces Distri-Log's impact on the environment to the absolute minimum. Therefore, the relevant environmental aspects are periodically checked. All these aspects are communicated, implemented and maintained throughout the organisation. Moreover, they are supported by means of measurable targets, assessed and continuously improved.

As for the storage of food and feed, Distri-Log is committed to guaranteeing food safety at all times, in accordance with the applicable legislation and the requirements agreed upon with clients. All these aspects are communicated, implemented and maintained throughout the organisation. Moreover, they are supported and assessed by means of measurable targets. Distri-Log also commits to informing all the suppliers and contractors involved of the food safety requirements. To integrate (food) safety into DISTRILOG's culture, the topic is discussed as a standing agenda item during every strategic, tactical and operational meeting. The pivotal positions (team leaders and supervisors) are continuously coached in this area.

The well-being of persons is guaranteed through a prevention advisor, who is closely involved in all the corporate processes, with the aim of preventing any form of personal injury. We have an internal emergency plan in place, as well as intensive courses and awareness-raising measures for all parties concerned. Every workplace accident is registered and analysed according to the 'workplace accidents and incidents’ procedure, followed by the implementation of corrective measures which are discussed by the committee.

Distri-Log subscribes the ETI Base Code in relation to ethical entrepreneurship and opposes any form of corruption and bribery.

At Distri-Log we have adopted an extensive set of safety measures to prevent serious accidents and we are committed to:

  1. We ensure that we meet the legal requirements on well-being and environmental protection through continuous internal and external monitoring of the regulations and by launching appropriate corrective measures in any cases of non-conformity.
  2. Identifying our impact on the environment, as well as possible risks for persons both inside and outside the corporate premises. The external service for prevention and protection at work has carried out a full risk analysis.
  3. Assessing and ranking the impacts and risks according to relevance. These results are used to adjust the annual action plan and the global prevention plan, if necessary.
  4. Acquiring knowledge about the best techniques available and applying them to reduce the identified impacts and risks using a phased approach. This helps continuously improve the safety of our operations.
  5. Formulating objectives and goals, following up their realisation, and adjusting course where necessary.
  6. Documenting and sharing this policy vision, as well as the objectives and goals with all our staff.
  7. Training our staff and encouraging them to assume responsibility to achieve the objectives and goals, and providing the necessary resources for them to do so. The ‘training and coaching’ procedure ensures that all employees have access to the required theoretical and practical knowledge. The results are registered in a qualification matrix and a competence matrix.
  8. Intensively cooperating with all third parties on site to allow them too to work in a safe, environmentally-friendly and qualitative manner with our in-house employees. To this end, we have specific safety and environmental regulations for contractors and visitors.

Leo Salaerts, CEO

Philip Salaerts, COO