Warehouse near factory

The Distrilog Group provides almost full service for our customer Castrol. A benefit for them is that they have a single point of contact for the entire logistics chain after production.

The Distrilog Group has worked for Castrol since 2016 and built a new warehouse for this collaboration that is barely three kilometres from the factory. In 2019, the surface area of this warehouse was extended to a total of 32,000 m².

As a logistics service provider, the Distrilog Group is ready day and night to transport products from the factory to our warehouse. After the goods are placed in temporary storage in various hazard and temperature zones, a significant amount is exported all over the world. This occurs by loading sea containers that are conveyed to various ports by our transport department.

Fine-tuned picking and labelling

The warehouse also functions as an RDC where fine-tuned picking at carton level is carried out before the goods are transported to various European countries. After picking, but before loading, lots of goods are customised at the last minute with the proper country labels. This is carried out in collaboration with various tailor-made companies that carry out in-house assignments on behalf of the Distrilog Group. The Distrilog Group also works with them to provide work for disabled individuals.

Finally, Distrilog's transport department handles the complete distribution in the Benelux all the way to the level of the retail trade. Of course, all of these information flows are interfaced between both parties using EDI. This allows the customer to follow the progress of each shipment online both in the warehouse and during transport.

Contact our team for a collaboration or tailor-made solution

At Distrilog Group, we like to take into account the wishes and needs of the customer. This is why we are happy to help you find the best solution. Curious about the available options? You’re welcome to contact us.