An overview of our focus sectors.

Distrilog Group brings specific services and ‘end-to-end’ solutions for small, medium-sized and large companies. Every demand is met with a bespoke response.
Below, please find a concise overview of the various sectors of trade and industry where Distrilog Group has racked up extensive experience.

By maintaining a strong presence in DIY, Distrilog Group is able to consolidate the movements of goods of large and small suppliers to achieve time and cost gains in the deliveries to the retailers.

Retail distribution
In recent years, Distrilog Group has specialised in the warehousing and distribution of Fast Moving Consumer Goods to the wholesale distribution sector. As the seasonal influences in DIY and FMCG cancel each other out, and Distrilog Group does a great deal of business in both, these sectors are mutually complementary. Courtesy of our expertise and our scale of operations, the suppliers of the F1 sector who work with Distrilog Group, find it easier to act in response to the specific requirements held out by this sector.

Distrilog Group has the confidence of various A brands in the automotive sector. From oil barrels to antifreeze for car locks, Distrilog Group has the right logistical solution.

Promotional materials
Distrilog Group supports various customers in the financial and the pharmaceutical industry in their promotional activities. Setting up displays, gadgets for product launches, putting together product fact sheets for sales staff - Distrilog Group handles the putting together, the monitoring and the delivery down to the smallest detail.

Thanks to finely-meshed distribution and logistics operations tailored to suit the customer, Distrilog Group provides excellent service to the beer industry, both to international players as well as craft brewers. For their return logistics too, the customers from this focus sector rely on Distrilog Group.

Household electronics
With a combination of different storage formulas, sophisticated stock managed, experienced employees and a thorough understanding of the sector, Distrilog Group manages the logistics of high-grade household electronics. Our one-stop-shop solutions under direct management enable us to perform and monitor the entire logistical flow, from collection to end customer delivery.   

The perfect solution for customers who do not have storage facilities for hazardous substances of their own. Comes with all associated services, including handling, transport and distribution.

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