The integration of Forlog and Vegetra

pushes the turnover of Distrilog Group beyond 100 million earlier than expected

Following the integration of speed-colli in January  2015, this marks the second substantial takeover in a short time frame.

Expansion of services and capabilities
Forlog, founded in 1994 combines a strong pressence as forwarder with a more traditional Benelux solution. Its growth was driven by implementing full supply chain control from production originating globally, managing customs- and excise formalities until the fine-mazed delivery to the end-user.
With this expertise in mind and accounting for 80.000m² across 3 sites and a turnover of €25 million, Forlog will surely play an import role within the Distrilog Group.The addition of Forlog creates opportunities for horizontal integration with existing customers of both, but also future potential when leveraging the strength in forwarding and import management.

Distrilog Group invests in the future
Bryan Beutels, Sales Director of Distrilog Group: “ This strategic takeover was important both in the short and long run. Despite a recent expansion of our logistical possibilities, we had limited room for further growth at our existing locations. The addition of Forlog creates breathing room which means we can adapt faster to inquiries. Even though Forlog approaches them from import/export angle, they do share a common focus on DIY and FMCG. This new angle will allow us to actively pursue import volumes and assist our customer further through the supply chain. We can already see clear consolidation potential between our existing processes and the newly added volume. The strategic location right by TCT Willebroek and the local presence in Asia .”

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