Increased profit through consolidation

By applying a method of true consolidation Distrilog Group is able to offer you greater profit while providing greater service.

Every one is always looking for that one competitive advantage , how to be one step ahead of the competition. In logistics it is far from easy to obtain this edge on your competitor.Distrilog Group actively supports all of their customers, or partners as we call them in achieving this competitive edge.

Profitability : Warehouse and Distribution

Distrilog group invest heavily in growing our key sectors, allowing us to streamline our activities.

Our warehouse staff has knowledge of both your products and the specificities asked for by the final destination. They know what to do when thus work more efficiently.

By consolidating our volumes to identical delivery locations we save you money. To state it in layman’s terms: By decreasing the odds of making a delivery at one location for just one customer. This leads to more customers per drop and less kilometres per pallet.

Our expertise in both areas have a direct effect on our cost structure and help us to proactively assist our customers in cutting costs.

Profitably or Service: why choose? 

Our experience in dealing with your customers and similar products offer you peace of mind.When your goods are handled, our staff knows how to handle them correctly and how your customers want to receive them. Once the order is ready for shipment, our distribution is coordinated specifically with your customers demands in mind.

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