Choosing sustainability: Distrilog Group

We are all operating in an ever-changing environment, both as a logistics provider and as human beings.

Therefore it is important to conduct business in a way that is both economically and ecologically responsible. 

It is in this spirit Distrilog Group has implemented six EURO 6 distribution trucks as part of our continuous fleet improvement plan. The EURO 6 has the advantage of maintaining performance while limiting the  NOx emission to 0,40 g/kWh. In comparison with other EURO 5 trucks this is an improvement of 80%. The improvement can be described as following: In case of a general smog alarm, the exhaust of our EURO 6 distribution trucks will actually be cleaner than the surrounding air.

Besides  updating our fleet we are also partaking in Powering Logistics 2020, a VIL  project that is investigating which alternative fuels are a viable option for which kind of transportation. The goal of this project is to promote the usage of alternative fuels for road transportation and by doing so decreasing the dependency  on the oil industry.

Distrilog Group is aware that as a large stakeholder in Benelux logistics we have an exemplary function and a responsibility to look for innovations. We want and will continue to play this role in moving towards a greener future by our following efforts:
• Addition of six EURO 6 distribution trucks to our fleet
• Cooperation with customers and their customers to optimize and consolidate
• Several inbound projects with customers  to improve their CO2 impact with 10-20%
• Test LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) powered truck
• Powering Logistics 2020
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