DIY logistics

A global chain to local stores and how integration leads to simplification.

Do-it-yourself, or DIY is a fascinating industry with a large variety of products, sales peaks based on the weather and non-standardized delivery points. That combination makes a logistical challenge for any organisation because of the difficulty to forecast, especially with the large volumes and longer lead times from global suppliers.  Seeing how 41% of our assets are leveraged within the DIY industry we are very familiar with the challenges at hand.

Wouter Koppen, our DIY expert explains the how, who and what  leads to a successful DIY set-up.
“It all starts with the understanding of the unique position DIY retailers are in. They need to build up stock for a season without knowing exactly in advance when it will start. This is especially true for all garden supplies, as most of it is imported from Asia and has a long way to travel. The more complexity, the greater the advantage in having one partner managing the complete process, such as a better information flow.  This means no surprises for the next step in the supply chain.”

Our customers updates us early on about forecasts, after which the shipper notifies us directly to inform us of product availability. Our local office arranges for pick-up and preparation for deep sea. This can be a FCL single shipper or a consolidated FCL/LCL from our local warehouses. Being involved this early in the process empowers us to dictate the pace depending on container availability in Port of loading, needed transit time, warehouse capacity and store needs. After completion of shipment schedule, we arrange all the documents for easy clearance upon arrival in the Benelux. Dictated by free and lead time, containers are transported by barge to the inland port TCT Willebroek which has a central location for 4 of our bonded warehouses. In other words; a short, ecological  traction in order to have your goods available for sale. 

“Even though our upstream management is already an improvement, the challenge is far from over when the goods arrive in Benelux. We have always grown by being involved in DIY, so flexibility is part of our DNA. By having +600 employees in a 6km radius, we can optimize the workforce to match the pull movement of stores. Our own fleet is flexible to a point where we fine-tune truck usage to match the volumes and still minimize store reception by combining several sites and cross dock volume. With over 25 suppliers and 2 leading retailers, we are confident in our abilities and set-up to smoothen the supply chain.”

In other words we achieve a lean supply chain from production to the store with a minimal of movements throughout and a maximum of visibility.

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