You’ve got to earn your customers, every single day

The secret behind the Distrilog Group Service.

Competition in our sector is considerable and customers are making high demands. Distrilog Group makes the difference in at least 10 areas, which together make up the bible of the Distrilog Group Service:

  • by achieving all KPIs agreed;
  • through a horizontal business culture and open communications;
  • by staging operational meetings on a regular basis, to make sure action points are drafted and followed up;
  • by investing in information technology as the backbone of modern logistics;
  • by combining solid standard formulas with flexible responses to special demands;
  • by framing logistical issues in a broader context (operational, tactical and strategic);
  • by properly training and motivating employees;
  • through stable management (operations, HR, sales, senior management, etc.);
  • by adopting market-compliant prices;
  • by assuming our corporate social responsibility as a business (green logistics, the renewal of the vehicle fleet on a regular basis, compliance with economic and labour regulations).

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